Traditional Legal Services

Maybe you aren’t sold on all of this futuristic Unbundled Legal Services stuff and you’d rather hire us the old fashioned way: to represent you as your lawyer. We can do that too! Below we have listed some prices for the most common kinds of cases we get asked to do this on.

But don’t let this list limit you. We have experts in every area of law and can represent you on any matter you’d like. Simply set up a consultation and let us know exactly what you need.

Family Law:

Divorce case (uncontested)- $5000
Divorce case (contested-children)-$7,500
Divorce case (contested-property)-$7,500
Divorce case-(contested-children + property)-$10,000
Custody case (uncontested)-$5,000
Custody case (contested)-$6,500
Temporary motions w/court appearance- $5,000.
Deposition attendance- $3,000
Mediation- $300 an hour.

Criminal Law:

DUII- $5,000
Traffic- $3,000

Other cases will be priced individually upon consultation.

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