Unbundled Legal Services

Unbundled Legal Services!

What are unbundled services and why are they better than traditional legal services?

Unbundled services, or limited scope representation, is a great way to keep costs down and still provide excellent legal service. Basically, when traditional law firms take your case, they take your entire case from start to finish. That also means that they charge you for every phone call, email, photocopy, etc.

With unbundled services, you only pay for what you need. Need a divorce petition? We will write that for you and only charge you for that service! You just take care of the filing and the service of process. Unbundled and limited scope services are especially great for those of you who want to do-it-yourself (with professional help of course).

Decided you want a lawyer to do your petition, your temporary order, and your final judgment? That’s perfect too!

And the best part?

We will provide you with detailed filing and service instructions and thoroughly explain what all of the documents mean, what they are for, and what you do with them. We are basically putting the power back in our client’s hands. It’s the future of law.

Unbundled services are right for you if:

  1. You like to control your legal matters and have a DIY personality.

  2. You can’t afford full legal representation.

  3. You want the convenience and flexibility that unbundling gives you.

  4. You would benefit from alternative fee arrangements, such as the fixed fees and value billing that accompany unbundled services.

  5. You are less intimidated by limited interaction with lawyers than you would be in traditional, full-service law firms or you are more comfortable with online DIY services using the internet to communicate and accomplish your needs rather than making appointments at traditional law offices.

  6. You live in a remote area or for other reasons do not have the means to travel to larger cities to visit physical law offices multiple times as often required with full-service representation.

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